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Dansani shower

With a totally new Dansani Shower range Dansani presents a wide assortment of shower solutions in all price ranges.
Therefore, we have designed a completely new series of shower cubicles and screening from scratch, based on a design philosophy of making everything less complicated.
The width of the new showers ranges from the brand new AIR series with details beyond the ordinary to the new UNIQ series with materials of high quality and functional design cut to the bone. Or the BASE series with a fundamental good design and simple solutions making it easy to choose the right solution.

All Dansani shower solution have the simple design, the good quality and the mounting and easy-to-clean in common All Dansani Shower series are as standard provided with the robust and environmental friendly EasyCare treatment ensuring easy cleaning and beautiful and clear glas front - even after 30,000 wipings.

The Dansani Shower range is on its way to our dealers. Through this link you can see the complete catalogue with all three series: Dansani shower brochure

DANSANI AIR - High-end elegance
The exclusive AIR series has details beyond the ordinary and a 100% weightless expression. Discrete and beautifully executed hinges in chrome and solid brass hold the glass in a floating and minimalistic design expression which opens up for a large number of decorating options in any bathroom - irrespective of style and size. Large glass surfaces in 8 mm tempered safety glass and simple, yet robust brackets in solid, chrome-plated brass create a light, floating and luxurious shower enclosure. The details are given a special treatment.
 Dansani Brus, Air
Quality in even the smallest detail with exclusive, adjustable hinges and wall brackets
Flush-on-inside hinges in solid, chrome-plated brass of the AIR series float imperceptibly on the outside of the glass and offer a completely smooth glass surface on the inside.
 Dansani Brus, Air
 Dansani Brus, UniqDANSANI UNIQ - Functional quality
UNIQ is high-quality materials and functional design cut to the bone without comprosing on neither durability or stability. The result is a very light and elegant design expression. Qualities such as 6 mm tempered glass, slim profiles and high finish meet most needs for a beautiful and functional shower enclosure.
DANSANI BASE - Basically good quality
Basically good quality meets genuine functionality. Classic and genuine shower solutions with many attractive details. BASE is the wish to create basic, no-fuss high-quality design. Simple all the right places: Simple design, easy to mount, easy to clean and easy to use.
 Dansani Brus, Base