Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence: A Legacy of Danish Design and Quality Craftsmanship

At Dansani, our motto has always been "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well." Since our foundation in 1983, we have stayed true to this principle, and it will continue to guide us into the future. As true bathroom enthusiasts, our mission is simple: to develop and produce beautiful, well-designed bathroom concepts that bring joy to everyday life.

There is a long way from the style of the first Dansani bathroom set to what we produce today, but the foundation of Danish design and uncompromising quality craftsmanship is still the same, and we still produce in Denmark.

Bathroom furniture - Find everything for your bathroom - 100% Danish design

At Dansani we believe the bathroom is the most important room in the home. Your bathroom is as personal as it gets. Therefore, we believe that you should be able to play around with your creativity and our bathroom furniture, shower enclosures and lighting when designing your bathroom.
It is not every day that you get a new bathroom. So when you do it must be exactly as you want it. With superb Danish design and intelligent functionality, Dansani lets you have the perfect bathroom that entices you out of bed each morning and gives you a great feeling of wellbeing.

Which bathroom do you dream of?

Your bathroom is your personal space. Nobody can furnish it better than you. Using our bathroom furniture, lighting and shower solutions, you will find lots of inspiration and options, allowing you to design and decorate your bathroom with beautiful, carefully planned and functional solutions. Take your time and experiment by mixing and matching to create various looks and styles. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to creating a bathroom that expresses your personality and style.

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We guide you to your new bathroom

Dansani enables you to make your bathroom dreams come true. Each of our series of functional products have their own look, so there is something to suit all tastes and requirements. Choose between different price ranges, styles and designs from our bathroom furniture and shower collections. If you are in doubt about which series you should consider, take a look at our inspiration pages, where you can learn more about what suits your requirements exactly.

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3 reasons to choose white bathroom furniture

Are you one of those people who really likes white? Here are 3 reasons to choose a white bathroom furniture:

  1. White is a classic colour that never goes out of style.
  2. White is the colour that reflects light the best, and we all need plenty of light in our bathroom.
  3. White goes with everything. When you choose white bathroom furniture you can spice up the bathroom with colours using accessories, towels and plants.

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This is why you need furniture in the bathroom

Storage, storage and more storage. In a bathroom storage is essential –for your toothbrush, creams, shaver, hairdryer, towels and the other small personal items that find their way into your bathroom.

We don't want all of this on display so your bathroom furniture provides the storage, while at the same time the clean surfaces create calm and well-being in your bathroom by avoiding clutter.

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Guide to good lighting in the bathroom

The correct task lighting for putting on make-up, shaving or drying your hair – but which is also warm and inviting is good for your well-being. So remember how important it is to consider the lighting when designing your bathroom.

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Bathroom furniture – see our series

With Dansani you can create the perfect, personal bathroom. With our product ranges, you can customise and create your own unique bathroom and with many different price points and designs you can find something that suits both your requirements and aspirations.

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Dansani Calidris bathroom furniture

When only the best will do. Spoil yourself and your bathroom using completely natural materials with the essence of Danish design and craftsmanship. Surround yourself with functional and stylish furniture and fit out the whole bathroom in uncompromising quality, whatever its shape and size. Create your own unique look with precisely the colour you want.

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Dansani YOU bathroom furniture

With YOU there is no compromise on quality, design or price. Plus we make it easy for you. Start with which of the three looks matches your style, and then take it from there. The extensive YOU range of top quality products ensures that you can have precisely the bathroom that you desire.

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Dansani Luna bathroom furniture

The series that can do pretty much anything and allows you to make use of every centimetre in your bathroom regardless of its shape or size. The furniture can be customised with your own unique choice of colours and using mirrors, basins and attractive accessories to finish everything off perfectly, it really is yours.

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Dansani Mido+ bathroom furniture

Mido+ is clean, simple design for any size bathroom at a fair price. You get excellent value for money and well thought-out Danish design, made in Denmark. Simple, up-to-date designs and surfaces that encourage your bathroom regime and can withstand mascara splodges or breezy bubbles day after day.

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Dansani Match showers

The Match shower series consists of 6 basic models, which can be combined to form the exact shower solution to suit your bathroom. All models are supplied with profiles in black or satin, and they are reversible, so you do not need to differentiate between a right or left-handed model.

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Dansani XXL showers

A series of larger shower solutions with sliding doors that allow you lots of space Perfect for recessed showers, but can also be combined with fixed shower panels. This gives you flexibility, both for your bathroom layout and how you design your shower area.

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Buy a bathroom - how to do it

Are you dreaming of a new bathroom but a little unsure of how to approach the task? A new bathroom can feel like an overwhelming project especially if major changes are involved, pipes are to be moved or you plan on a major renovation. We have created a guide for you to help you on your way. Here you can read more about the budget, planning, storage as well as tips and tricks.

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Buy from retailers

At our Dansani partners you will get expert and professional guidance, so that you choose the right bathroom furniture in the best quality while working to your budget. Many bathroom stores and showrooms also offer bathroom design service, so you can visualise a your new bathroom down to the last detail. Many also offer a complete installation service for total peace of mind.

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Create a good bathroom environment

You spend a surprising amount of time in the bathroom every single day, which is why we think you should also be allowed to play with your creativity when you decorate your bathroom. We give you the opportunity to create a good bathroom environment, and all our products live up to our philosophy of exquisite Danish design, great functionality and good craftsmanship based on sustainable materials.

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Delightful vanity unit for the bathroom with in-built lighting and plenty of storage


Every day we spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, either together or alone. Therefore our products must be both easy and comfortable for you to use. At the same time we want them to adapt to the size and shape of the bathroom through practical and long-lasting inbuilt functions that add extra comfort and well-being to your everyday life.

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Bright and inviting bathroom with shower enclosure and stone worktop

Danish design

The concept behind Danish design means the expression of functionality, simplicity and naturalness through a timeless design. This is the starting point of every single product from Dansani. Our designers are inspired by classic furniture craftsmanship and unique materials when they create beautiful solutions for your bathroom.

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Genuine craftsmanship for your bathroom furniture


Both design and function are supported by true craftsmanship. To us, true craftsmanship expresses quality and respect for both the materials and not least for you, the end-user of our products. For this reason, genuine cabinet making work is integrated into all our of products in the shape of good-quality materials and long-lasting solutions for your bathroom which you can enjoy for many years to come.

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Dansani takes responsibility and takes good care of our environment. We are energy- and consumption-conscious and have always been so - it is part of our DNA. We have dedicated resources when it comes to sustainability initiatives, and we work very closely with our suppliers and are in control of all components that make up our furniture.

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