Furnish your bathroom with bathroom furniture & showers in Danish design

At Dansani, we consider the bathroom to be the most important room in the home. This room is as personal as it gets. Therefore, we believe that you should be allowed to play around with your creativity and our bathroom furniture, shower enclosures and lighting when furnishing your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture for the whole room

Your bathroom is your personal space. Nobody can furnish it better than you can. Using our bathroom furniture, lighting and shower solutions, you get lots of inspiration and options, allowing you to design and furnish your bathroom with beautiful, carefully planned and functional solutions. Take your time and experiment by mixing and matching to create various expressions and styles. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating a bathroom that expresses your personality and style.

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Our guide to your new bathroom

Dansani lets you make your bathroom dreams come true. All our different series of functional products have their own expression, so there is something to suit all tastes and needs. Choose between different price ranges, styles and designs with our bathroom furniture and showers.

Dansani Curvo bathroom furniture

Choose fittings and surround yourself with elegant simplicity in top quality and untraditional designs: sleek lines softened by gentle round corners are a delight for the eye. Surprising details and intelligent solutions add that very special aura to your bathroom that simply comes with Danish design.

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Dansani Calidris bathroom furniture

When only the best will do. Spoil yourself and your bathroom with completely natural materials and the essence of Danish design and craftsmanship. Surround yourself with functional and stylish furnishings and fit out the entire bathroom in uncompromising quality, whatever its shape and size. Create your own unique look with precisely the colour you want.

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Dansani YOU bathroom furniture

This universe is for you if you love to play with styles and combinations and fit out a personalised bathroom just for you. There are three different styles, each with its own look, to enable you either to furnish your bathroom in a single style or to mix and match between them and give it your very own expression. And you can pick and choose, play and mix things all you like, because we have made sure the items fit together across the range.

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Dansani Luna bathroom furniture

The series that can do anything, and allows you to make use of every centimetre in your bathroom regardless of shape or size. Even if the room is large, small, crooked, or has a sloping ceiling, that does not stop you having a super bathroom. Quite the opposite. The large and varied range of basins, mirror solutions, cabinets and worktops can all be specially adapted to fit your room, giving you freedom to exploit the space and furnish the whole of your bathroom. As the final touch you can add super accessories for extra comfort and make everyday use of your bathroom a pleasure.

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Dansani Mido + bathroom furniture

Your short cut to a complete bathroom. If your bathroom is small or narrow, you can quickly and easily order new Mido+ bathroom furniture, and at the same time have good options for storage in narrow cabinets that make it easier to design and fit out small rooms.

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Dansani Match Showers

Find your way with combinations to the perfect shower solution for you and your bathroom. Just five basic models allow you to create countless variations and different shower solutions to fit in all rooms. Find an optimal solution for your needs that harmonises with your furnishings too.

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Dansani XXL Showers

A series of large solutions with sliding doors that allow you lots of space to move around in the bath. The sliding door can be placed in a niche, or combined with one or two fixed walls. This gives you flexibility, both in how you arrange your bathroom and how you design your shower area.

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We specialise in bathroom furniture, lighting and shower enclosures, and all our products are based on our philosophy of integrating Danish design, a high level of functionality, and proper craftsmanship based on sustainable materials.


Every day, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, either together or alone. Therefore, our products much be both easy and comfortable for you to use, and at the same time, we want them to adjust to the size and shape of the bathroom through practical and long-lasting functions that add extra comfort and well-being to your everyday life.

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Danish design

The concept behind Danish design means the expression of functionality, simplicity and naturalness through a timeless design. This is the starting point of every single product from Dansani. Our designers are inspired by classic furniture craftsmanship and unique materials when they create beautiful solutions for your bathroom.

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Both design and function are supported by proper craftsmanship. To us, proper craftsmanship expresses quality and respect for the materials and not least for you, the user of our products. For this reason, proper cabinet making work is integrated into all our products in the shape of good-quality materials and long-lasting solutions for your bathroom which you can enjoy for many years to come.

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At Dansani, we assume responsibility and we take good care of our environment and the world that we live in. We have been doing this ever since our company was founded in 1983 and this approach is an integral part of our company DNA. Therefore, we implement a range of initiatives that minimise our impact on the environment. We do, however, also focus on our working environment and on ethically responsible working conditions at our suppliers’ facilities.

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