Sustainability - when responsibility is an obligation

Sustainability is something that we all need to consider in our everyday lives. The bathroom is one of the rooms that uses the most energy in your home so this is a good place to start if you want to start living a more sustainable life. Here at Dansani, we consider environmental responsibility a matter of course, and that is why we have implemented a variety of initiatives that reduce the environmental impact. As an example, all our laminates come from sustainable European forestry. In general, we employ a clear-cut and efficient policy on recycling and reduction of waste in our production processes.

However, sustainability is not only about the environment: we also have a strong focus on acting ethically correct as an employer when it comes to working environment and workers' rights. And this does not only apply to our internal organisation: we carefully select our suppliers depending on their way of conducting business with regards to the environment and working conditions for their employees.

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