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Practical information about Dansani

Working for Dansani

At Dansani, we offer an informal and collegiate workplace with a good working environment and we believe it is important that each and every one of us is given the opportunity to develop - both personally and professionally. We therefore also attach great importance to training and good working conditions for our employees.

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Conditions of use

Here you can read more about general conditions for website use, including information on copyrights, trademarks, handling of personal information, laws etc.

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CO² neutral website

Dansani has decided to join the initiative CO² due to the electricity consumption. Servers running the websites are using power. Power is used to run the server but particularly the consumers use much power (computers, screens, modem etc.) - and it consumes more and more power.

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IT service

If you would like to contact the IT department at Dansani or need a website login. 

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We all have to consider the environment and the world around us. Dansani products are manufactured with care and the smallest possible environmental impact.

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