The family bathroom with room for everyone

Do you have a family bathroom that you want to turn into an oasis of well-being? Is your family large with several members always competing for the bathroom?

When many people use the same bathroom there is a scramble when it is extra busy. The shower, the basin and the mirror are areas where crowding occurs when the whole family is rushing to get out the door. Don’t despair – here comes some help. There are lots of ways to arrange a family bathroom so it is just a question of being creative. We have assembled some hints and ideas to make the best use of your larger bathroom combining aesthetics and efficiency too.

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Increase efficiency in the bathroom

Most families with only one bathroom know the problem when the basin and shower become a battle zone in the mornings with everyone jostling for space to get ready and get out the door. We hope we can give you some inspiration so you can optimise the layout of your bathroom and the whole family can spend their time in it more efficiently.

Make space for everyone with a double basin

Space at the basin is often at a premium but in a family bathroom the problem is easily solved with a double basin, so two people can use a basin at the same time.

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Room for more than one in the shower

Large families are always short of space in the shower but why not make the shower area in a family bathroom extra spacious with sufficient room to share it? You could even install two shower heads inside the same shower screen to create a double shower where more than one person can shower at the same time.

If you want your bathroom to radiate a feeling of luxury try a walk-in solution with plenty of elbow room and space for well-being. You can choose one of our standard models or create your own larger shower area combining different shower screens and shower doors.

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One side for each person

If you have a family bathroom with plenty of storage space then it is a good idea to allocate drawers and cabinets so everyone has a defined place for the things they use. It is more practical when several people use the bathroom at the same time because with your belongings in the usual place they are easier to find and get you out the door faster. Remember when allocating space that those who are in the bathroom together should each have their own area so they don’t get in each other’s way.

Be creative and make extra storage space

Have you considered how many practical items you can store in the bathroom? Not just the obvious things like toiletries and electrical items. The bathroom is also a logical place to keep towels, cleaning products, baby equipment, nightclothes and so on. Or allow yourself the luxury of having your underwear and socks in the bathroom so you can hop into them straight after bathing.

We have lots of different solutions for storage in the bathroom and if you have a large family bathroom it is simply a question of exploring the possibilities and choosing the one that is an ideal match for your requirements.

Extra storage space with tall cabinets and base cabinets

The traditional way of creating extra storage space is a tall cabinet, a wall cabinet or a base unit on the wall in the vicinity of the basin. However, there is often some unused space in the room, perhaps behind the door, or over the toilet or radiator. Why not fit a wall cabinet over the toilet so the toilet rolls are handy? A tall cabinet, base unit or wall cabinet can provide extra space no matter what size your family bathroom is.

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Tall vanity units with lots of storage space

Several of our vanity units are available at no extra cost with an extra deep drawer at the bottom so there is plenty of space for all the family’s belongings. At the same time the units are very useful for storing towels and cleaning products which do not always fit easily into regular height drawers. Tall vanity units are a good idea in small rooms too where it can be difficult to find wall space for storage.

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Other cabinets for creative storage

In a family bathroom there is space to try out different options both to create extra storage space and for some decorative features. Let your imagination run free – you can find inspiration in one of our solutions or do things entirely your own way.

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More vanity units to choose from

When there are a lot of you are using the bathroom it is a good idea to choose two or more vanity units to have more drawers. Then there is no need to disturb each other if someone is standing in front of the basin and another person wants to open a drawer. The solution allows everyone to have their own drawer with no arguments about how much mess is allowed in a drawer. Cabinets with four drawers or more are usually made for basins from 120 cm and wider.

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Practical layouts in cabinets and drawers

Everything is simply quicker in the morning when things have their proper place and you don’t have to search for them. So it is well worth arranging drawers and cabinets suitably. As bathroom specialists who know the challenges our customers face we have developed a series of functional accessories such as drawer dividers and movable wooden trays, internal lighting for drawers and cabinets, sockets in mirror cabinets and drawers for electrical items, laundry baskets for tall cabinets and lots more. All of them help to make everyday use of the bathroom easier.

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More space to see yourself in the mirror

Space in front of the mirror can be very limited when all of the family is rushing to get out of the house but in a family bathroom there are lots of possible ways to make extra space at a mirror.

See yourself from different angles

If you choose a mirror cabinet you get extra value. Double-sided mirror doors and mirrors on the back wall inside the cabinet enable everyone to use a mirror whether the doors of the cabinet are open or closed. At the same time you can look at yourself from the back by angling the mirror cabinet doors.
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See yourself full length

In a family bathroom there is often a little extra wall space where it might be a smart solution to put up a full length mirror so that you can check that you look perfect from top to toe before you leave the house.

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A wall of mirror cabinets

Our mirrors come in widths up to 160cm but if you want even more space in front of the mirror you can build up a whole wall of mirrors by installing mirror cabinets. As an extra bonus you get additional storage space into the bargain.

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Give yourself a make-up area

Why not take advantage of the space in a family bathroom with a make-up area? It adds a touch of luxury and a place for extra well-being. Space to do your hair and put on your make-up in peace without interruptions from the rest of the family. A make-up table reduces the traffic around the mirror and the basin which can be very busy in a big family.

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Accessories for the ultimate make-up area

An elegant and functional make-up mirror with a light lets you get really close to the details of your face to put on make-up, pluck your eyebrows, and so on. Our neat wooden tray with a metal organiser will keep track of all your make-up and you can sit comfortably on the smart stool while you beautify yourself.

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Do you wish you had more worktop space?

If you want lots of worktop space so that all of the family’s belongings are close at hand you can choose an asymmetric basin. There are many ways we can fit in with your requirements and wishes and we supply asymmetric basins in several different designs and materials. Choose between different standard designs or one of our tailored solutions that will fit perfectly into your bathroom regardless of size or shape.

In a family bathroom you can also have extra worktop space by making a sideboard, composed of a worktop with units that either match or complement the other furniture in your bathroom.

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The personal touch with decorative and functional accessories

As bathroom specialists who know the challenges our customers face we have developed a wide range of accessories suitable for life in the bathroom. They will not just make your daily routine easier; they turn a large bathroom into a personal oasis of well-being.

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Screen off the toilet

In a really big bathroom it is a good idea to screen off the toilet to allow a little more privacy when there are other family members in the bathroom. You can either have a separate room with a closed door or choose one of our shower doors for a lighter, more airy solution.

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