Bathroom refurbishment in style

Home furnishing can be a jungle to find your way round in! Not least with all the furnishing styles available when you are planning a bathroom refurbishment. Your home is your base, and you spend an enormous amount of time there, so it is important that the furnishings are right for you – and in the bathroom too.

If you are not sure what your style is, we have found some different suggestions that we hope will inspire you to find your very own personal style when you start out on your bathroom refurbishment.

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Invite nature inside

We love wood – right from light types of wood to dark ones. Nordic furnishing is light and open, with lightweight, functional furniture and beautiful, simple details. Adding wood to your furnishing creates images of untamed Scandinavian scenery, and brings liveliness to the bathroom.

If you want to create a bathroom that emanates personality and a unique style, then you can also combine wooden sides with lacquered front panels on the cabinet.

When you start your bathroom refurbishment, you can create a clear-cut atmosphere and bring nature even closer with a few green plants and subdued colours that shade into each other.

And last but not least: do not abandon your own personality as you search for pure Nordic design, but let your own personal preferences interact with one of the different furnishing styles and your interpretation of it. Your bathroom must also be practical in daily use, and it must be possible to see that you are the person who lives there.

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From pastel shades to impact colours

Your furnishing style can with advantage be combined with colours if you choose the right ones. Furnishing colours affect both your mind and your mood, and add personality and liveliness.

When you start your bathroom refurbishment, discreet pastel colours can help to keep the light, uncluttered and airy look, but still add extra personality. Also when they are used for bathroom furniture as well as the walls.

You can play with lively colours in many ways in your furnishing – a colourful piece of bathroom furniture can be like artwork in its own right in the bathroom. The secret here is to let the chosen colour do itself justice without becoming too dominant. That way you get a bathroom in pure style, with lots of personality.

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White on white

Are you one of those people who really like things in white? Well, it is not so strange. White is the colour that reflects light best of all, and we all need lots of light.

Of course you can do your bathroom refurbishment with white walls and white bathroom furniture. The white colour can also create a cosy mood and make a bathroom emanate a pleasant ambience. It is important, however, that the colours you add in the form of accessories and plant pots are gentle and warm, with surfaces that are not too streamlined like plastic or steel.

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Tone in tone

You can also furnish your bathroom in the same shades when you work on your bathroom refurbishment. This gives a well-thought-out, exclusive and calm expression when you keep the walls and the bathroom furniture in a tone-in-tone palette. The luxurious effect of a tone-in-tone palette is sometimes a way to make small areas seem larger.

If you have a favourite colour that features all through your home furnishing, then you can have our bathroom furniture in precisely the shade you want.

Furnishing that way is eye-catching and subtle, standing out in a slightly trendy way – and will attract your guests’ attention.


Vintage furnishings are generally considered to be furnishings and accessories in the styles from before the 1970s. To create a romantic and functional retro style without it appearing outdated, it is important to have a natural balance between vintage and modern elements. By bringing organic forms into the room, e.g. in the mirror, or with curved front panels on the cabinets, you can make the vintage style extra feminine and decorative.

When you combine these elements from the past with new design elements, it is possible to bring back the past in your furnishings, and at the same time furnish your home in a personal, decorative and timeless style.

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Urban is a relatively masculine and minimalist furnishing style, but at the same time it is still personal and evocative. The colours are often kept in cooler shades such as grey, white, black and brown, although they look great when combined with individual colourful elements. If you combine the style with large green plants or cactuses, you can create an Urban Green environment.

Stringent, clean lines and functional items are keywords in this style, so you furnish the room with attractive design, solid craftsmanship and functionality. That is to say that even a bike can be used as a decorative element, since it has a function, and large television is also regarded in this style as a sculpture for the wall, since it has a function at the same time.

So when you start on your bathroom refurbishment in the Urban style, the furnishings are characterised by underplayed simplicity, with very plain materials, often with glass and natural materials like wood.

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The Classic style makes use of clean, simple lines that can with advantage be broken by modern details. So if you like things sophisticated, elegant and refined, then the classic style is ideal for your bathroom refurbishment.

The classic virtues of our Danish design traditions show clearly in every detail, creating an elegantly timeless look. This furnishing style is distinguished by being spacious, warm, light and balanced. Symmetry is an important factor, so repetitions, with furniture and accessories in pairs, will give a good feeling of balance and proportion in the bathroom.

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Your own home style

It is rare for furnishing to be entirely in a single home-decoration style, and it is the small details in the room that reveal your personality and make it specifically yours. After all, there is no right or wrong when it comes to bathroom refurbishment and furnishing.

Your very own personal and functional bathroom can be created by mixing and matching different styles. Here it is important to make use of contrasts, that is to say putting things together that ‘do not belong together’. It might be wood in combination with steel or plastic, or an angular shape combi9ned with organic forms, and so on.

It is a matter of thinking out of the box and being bold when you start work on your bathroom refurbishment.