Let good bathroom lighting set the mood

The correct lighting for putting on make-up, shaving or drying your hair – but also lighting which is warm and inviting makes you happy. The light is so important to our well-being. Imagine yourself getting up early and preparing for the day under bathroom lighting which emits a glaring, blinding and cold shine. Then remember how important it is to consider the lighting when designing your bathroom.

We have collected a series of tips for good bathroom lighting which provides good working light, sets the right mood and adds sparkle to the humdrum of everyday life.

Day lighting

Evening lighting

Evening lighting dimmed

Night lighting

1. Consider the working light

The light from your bathroom mirror should reveal the details you prefer to detect before others do it. In other words, you should be able to do your make-up or shave under bathroom lighting which is as natural as possible while allowing you to see yourself as you would in good daylight. We recommend that you choose a mirror or a mirror cabinet with integrated lighting or lights fitted overhead. There are plenty of options available for bathroom mirrors with lighting, for example our popular round Moon mirror or the square Show mirror with lighting all the way round.

2. Get an overview with bathroom light fixtures

When you open the drawer, the light turns on and you can easily spot the tweezers, nail file and all the other grooming accessories in your bathroom. Plus the design of Dansani’s drawer lighting of course ensures the correct angling of the light with the effect that the LED light rail is out of view. Drawer light is an option in most Dansani ranges.

Did you know that...

A 60-year old person needs twice as much light as a 20-year old?

3. Approved for bathroom use

The lighting you install in your bathroom must be designed for bathroom use. Regulations differentiates between different zones and light fittings in zone 2 require an IP44 certification. Zone 2 is the area 60 cm from the outer edge of the shower cabin and the bath or 120 cm from the shower head. All Dansani light fixtures and integrated lighting have IP44 certification for use as bathroom lighting, which gives you the reassurance you need.

Read and download the guide for electrical installations »

4. Night-time dimming & a cosy atmosphere

Just enough light to allow you find the toilet and the basin but not enough to wake you up. That’s how it’s supposed to be at night and this is exactly how the delicate, discrete downlighting works. Together with the rest of the bathroom lighting the downlighting produces a pleasant effect even when it’s not night-time. Downlighting is an option for all vanity units and many mirror cabinets in the Calidris, YOU and Luna ranges.

Did you know that...

We are indoors 80% of the time where we are dependent on artificial lighting?

5. Think sustainability

Dansani’s LED solutions are of high quality and boast 20 years of useful life with 4 hours of daily use and minimum energy requirements. And when the lighting fixture eventually shines its light for the last time, the product easily dismantles for environmentally friendly and sustainable waste sorting. The full range of our bathroom lighting and lighting fixtures are of the same high quality while at the same time being gentle on the environment.

A good tip for longlasting LED lights is to turn them off and not keep them burning. The LED driver produces heat when operating and if the light is always on this heat will reduce the LED´s lifetime.

6. Don’t forget cabinet lighting

Just like it is nice to have a complete overview of all the bits and pieces in your drawers, it is equally beneficial to be able to see the contents of your mirror cabinet, tall cabinet or wall cabinet in the bathroom. Pleasant, functional lighting which thanks to its vertical positioning provides a good view of multiple shelves without blinding you when the cabinet opens because of its discrete installation in the side of the cabinet.

Did you know that...

It is a scientific fact that light plays an important role for our well-being?

7. Create consistent bathroom light fixtures.

Most people want a bathroom with a calm, beautiful feeling and one way of achieving this is by designing your bathroom lighting to form one consistent solution. You might want to choose our Jupiter light which comes as a ceiling light, a pendant and mirror light. With these 3 matching lights in your bathroom you not only obtain great illumination, you also produce a clean, simple look.

8. Controlling the lighting

On your way to bed, you prefer warm, dimmed bathroom lighting like the warm, red light of the sunset. In the morning, however, you need good working light which is whiter and closer to natural morning light. You can have both by choosing mirrors and mirror cabinets with adjustable lighting. This light ranges from warm red to cool white and of course with the option to dim both if this is what you want.

At a single touch

Now it is possible to combine mirrors, spotlights and pendant lights in a group, so they can be adjusted together at a single touch. Adjusting the mirror lighting will also adjust the colour and  intensity of the spotlights and pendant lights. This unique wireless control is simple to set up and doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection – you just need to purchase one receiver to connect up to 5 devices - either pendants or spots.

Want to know more about good lighting?

If you – like us – like to go into more technical details, we have written about good bathroom lighting where we dive into concepts such as the RA value, the Kelvin value and light quality. To find out more, see our lighting guide here.