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Perfect lighting

Think about your choice of bathroom lighting

Typically, we are in the bathroom when we are in between the states of being awake and sleeping, both in the morning and in the evening. The bathroom lighting is therefore important for our health and wellbeing. It has been proved that good light improves quality of life. Therefore, we ought to be critical and quality-conscious when we select lighting for our homes. Because artificial light is not always good. 

While you are choosing the right bathroom lighting, it is a good idea to think about sustainability. We at Dansani take responsibility for the environment as a matter of course, so we always think out our solutions from an environment-friendly point of view. Every product has been designed for the least possible environmental impact – anything else would go against our ethics.


Pleasant colour temperature and colours rendered naturally

In short, it is a question of finding a comfortable lighting and the best imitation of natural sunlight, so that people and materials appear in the right colours, with the right shades and tones.

At Dansani we concentrate on our customers’ wellbeing and a good indoor climate. That is why we only supply lighting products with top-quality LED lighting.

If you choose a mirror solution with adjustable lighting, you can control the lighting yourself to suit your needs and circadian rhythm. Many of our bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets have a built-in touch panel with an on-and-off function, dimming and adjustable colour temperature, from the warmest gold to the coolest white light. 

With a Ra value above 90 all the colours of the spectrum are accurately rendered. That means, among other things, that skin colours appear correctly, which is important when you are applying make-up. Then you can be sure that your make-up will not only look right in the bathroom mirror, but will also look good when you come out in the sunlight.


Uniform bathroom lighting

If you buy your lighting from Dansani, you do not need to worry about quality and colours of the light. Our LED light diodes are sorted applying high quality levels, that ensures that all LEDs in your lamps emit a homogeneous light and offer the same correct colour reproduction, no matter the lamp model and position.


Revolutionary solutions for bathroom lighting

Dansani’s lighting products allow you to create a unique harmony in all the fittings in the bathroom. You can choose solutions with ceiling lights or pendants, bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets with light, washbasins with surround lighting and indirect lighting in or under cabinets and drawers.  The products find just the right balance between wellbeing and lighting to work by. That means you come as close as possible to natural light, and appear as you would outside.

All our lighting solutions are designed for bathrooms and IP44-approved for use in wet rooms.


Bathroom mirrors with light – supplementary light in the bathroom

It is very important that you have a well-lit bathroom mirror or mirror cabinet – but it is also important that the area around it is not too dark, as that puts unnecessary strain on your eyes. A well-lit room and your choice of bathroom lighting are therefore vital for your eyes.

Ceiling lamps, pendants, wall lamps and lit-up surrounds all help to ensure optimal lighting to work by. The mirrors and lighting in the bathroom should preferably reveal all the details before others see them. With our LED lighting, you are sure that when you see your make-up in the mirror, the colours are the same as in daylight. And then it is no disadvantage that the shape of the bathroom mirror is highlighted and the wall is flooded with gentle light.

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Wide selection of bathroom lighting

Create indirect lighting in the bathroom or under the cabinets, so you are never dazzled. The indirect lighting in the drawers is angled at 45 degrees, so the drawers are lit up completely when you open them. All drawers can also be supplied with a plug for electrical appliances. You can put in a surround light between the washbasin and the cabinet to add extra atmosphere to the bathroom lighting.

At Dansani we are specialists in bathroom lighting, and our products are defined by factors such as good basic materials, long life and high quality. You can be certain that the workmanship is always in order – and everything works perfectly.

Light control

We have taken advantage of LED technology in our bathroom lighting, so you can adjust both the brightness and the colour tone in our bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets. So whether you prefer warm or cooler light and efficient or atmospheric lighting, we can help you with a solution.

You can adjust the light to your needs and daily routines using a built-in touch panel with an on-off function as well as variable dimmers and colour temperature controls.

Please find our film about light control to the left.


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Danish design

Dansani offers you beautiful solutions for your bathroom, created on the basis of the principles behind Danish design: functionality, simplicity and naturalness.

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