Inspiration for bathroom designs in any size and shape

Are you wondering where to start with refurbishing your bathroom? Bathroom designs can be a challenge in any type of bathroom, but whatever the shape of the room, there are many solutions. We would like to give you a helping hand.

We specialise in bathroom furniture at Dansani and since our foundation in 1983 we have exclusively focussed on bathrooms. We understand the challenges that different types of rooms can bring and we have carefully designed our ranges accordingly. So regardless of whether your bathroom is large or small, has a sloping ceiling or off-square angles, we have the perfect solution for your particular bathroom.

Bathroom designs in a small footprint

If you only have a few square feet to move about in don’t despair. There are many ways to optimise a small so that it feels larger while at the same time providing plenty of storage space.

Small bathroom »

Bathroom designs with room for the entire family

Is your bathroom large with room for all the family? Or would you prefer your own oasis of well-being in the bathroom? To help you get started we have gathered plenty of inspiration for how you can fit out your large with all our exciting products.

Large bathroom »

Rooms with sloping ceilings and off-square angles

There is no need to worry if the room has a sloping ceiling or off-square angles. Think of it as an opportunity to design your own personal space where you can make use of every corner right down to the last inch.

Bathrooms with sloping ceilings »