Meet our designers

All Dansani furniture is created on the basis of making a difference. It all begins in the light and airy design studio in Copenhagen where our designers and architects find the peace needed to contemplate whilst having access to the pulsating city. 

Inspired by classic furniture craftsmanship and the many Nordic raw materials, we explore the tension field between fantastic functionality and aesthetic minimalism. Basically, every time the pen is put to paper, the goal is the same: to find the perfect balance between form and function, adding yet another chapter to the history of Danish design.

It is the complex asignment that drives me

Rasmus has been working for Dansani as a designer since 1993 and he has created many different solutions that make life in the bathroom more beautiful and much easier. He graduated from the Danish School of architecture in 1991.

”As an industrial designer, it is all about coming up with solutions that fit many types of homes and make sense to a variety of people with different everyday lives.

No two people are the same so obviously neither are their needs. The bathroom is a personal place and it must reflect the people using it.

My inspiration is the sum of all the things that I see and experience in my everyday life. Our products are everyday products and our surroundings – both people, things and nature – contribute to creating the solutions that we develop.”

Rasmus Kjær, CDO & designer

Its the materials that create the opportunities

Jeanette has been working as a designer at Dansani since 1993. Ever since she started, she has contributed to the design of functional and beautiful furniture and accessories. She graduated from the Danish School of Architecture in 1990.

“I am very fascinated by the vast variety of materials that I can use in my work. I continuously encounter materials and technologies that I can use for creating exciting projects. Nowadays, especially laminate and ceramics can be shaped in many different ways, adding new design possibilities.

I get inspired by good old Danish design masters such as Arne Jacobsen. The clear lines and a functional approach to design keep presenting me with a challenge."

Jeanette Vecht, designer

Design should make life easier

Christoffer started working as designer at Dansani in 2017 and he has a Master’s degree in Industrial Design. Already when he was a young boy he was motivated by creating things from the ground up, and he uses this motivation in his job every day.

”In my opinion, design should be simple and functional. It should make life easier for those who use the product. The functionality is closely linked to the choice of material which also affect the production method. It should all come together and must interact with the aesthetics of the product. 

I get inspired from everything around me. From the shapes of everyday objects to phenomena in the nature. Inspiration creates perspective that makes me view design technical challenges, from new and interesting angles. I love to create something new every day.”

Christoffer Petersen, designer

Design is about functionality and emotions

Andreas has completed a master’s degree in industrial design and started at Dansani in 2018. When designing furniture for the bathroom, it always includes having a keen eye for the perfect blend between function and feeling.

"Design is not just about the visual. The functional and emotional aspect of any design must culminate together in unity. Therefore, I always consider the feeling you experience when using a product. Of course, the visual aspect is important, but the emotional and tactile experience is likewise also absolutely central. It is all about fulfilling the user's expectations and requirements combined within the context of other aspects.

I am inspired by unique products, buildings and environments where the design itself looks at a problem or design brief with new eyes and challenges how you might usually do something. Because when you do that, it results in a product that makes sense and is justified in terms of increased value and quality of life for the user."

Andreas Marxen, designer

Design arises when shapes meet

Mette mainly designs and develops the series Dansani Curvo. In addition, she has designed a selection of washbasins that can be found, amongst other places, in the iconic series Calidris. Mette's design approach is driven by shapes, curves and materials. She graduated from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2001.

”Design turns really interesting when shapes meet. Seeing how an expression arises when curves and geometry create harmony is a fascinating experience. Bathroom design is about water and natural processes, and even the squarest shapes come into life when the materials have structure and create their very own shapes.

I am inspired by Danish design and therefore by simple lines combined with organic shapes and natural materials. In addition, making the shapes and the function fit the needs of various target groups is something that always turns the design process into an exciting challenge.”

Mette Mosegaard, Sourcing & Product Responsible, Republic of Fritz Hansen