Dansani adjusts to fit the current trends

Although a bathroom design is something that you have to live with for many years, you can still keep an eye on various exciting furnishing and design trends. Dansani is timeless design and timeless also means that your products can always be adjusted to fit the current trends.

Nordic Cool

The Nordic countries are very in at the moment, not only with regards to design and architecture but also when it comes to food, fashion and even TV series. Design must follow functionality and be simple with a timeless expression. Craftsmanship is at the centre of attention, representing the human mark at a time when naturalness often has to give way to technology. This special Nordic light is also included through smooth, soft and indirect lighting.

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Wood & structure

Here in the Nordic countries, we have a strong tradition of using visible wooden elements in our interior design. Still, our bathrooms tend to be more white and sterile. These days, we definitely invite nature into our bathrooms which is reflected in the furniture where wood, texture, materials and processes are back on stage.

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Varied play of colours

Following a longer period where everything had to be on the safe side and white dominated along with a hint of grey and black, colours are finally starting to sprout. We are talking pastels but daring and sometimes rather offbeat colours that add an edge and some life to the other interior.

We still use grey but in a more varied way with both warm and cool shades.

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Metallic surfaces

Along with an exclusive trend focusing on brass and gold surfaces in the bathroom and throughout the home, we are also experiencing a new approach to painted metallic surfaces – usually matt and typically black and white. This creates an almost retro-like sense of the context. Such elements include anything from handles and fixtures to lamps and chair legs.

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