March 2018

Light, simple and wafer-thin design

The ultra-thin solid surface worktops and washbasins take the aesthetic expression of the bathroom to new heights, allowing you to tailor-make your very own solution.

It provides an ultra-thin, simple and minimalistic expression. It is durable and can be shaped however you want. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the flexible and durable composite solid surface has become extremely popular in the past few years. These products are sold under the brand names of Corian, Exmar, Rector, Hi Macs to name a few. What they all have in common, however, is that this composite can be based on acrylic or polyester components. Still, solid surface is not just solid surface – it is a material available at various quality levels. 

One common characteristic of the material, no matter the quality level, is the possibility to produce worktops and washbasins with minimal thicknesses that offer an aesthetic boost to the classic and minimalistic Danish design which is so popular in many homes. The surface is silky mat, soft and warm to the touch, and at the same time, the material can be shaped so that washbasins and worktops are produced as one piece with no dirt-collecting joints.

Tailor-made and dyed

One of the Danish companies that has started using solid surface with great results is Dansani – mainly known for its classical, Danish design furniture for bathrooms. Dansani has chosen to work with solid surface of two different quality levels.

- In our exclusive top collection, Calidris, we offer solid surface worktops and washbasins of an exclusive quality that allows us to tailor-make each unit to fit the customer needs perfectly. Worktops can be made to measure, taking the room architecture into account, and such units can be adjusted to ductwork at a later point in time. You can choose between one or two integrated washbasins at two different depths, and you can select one of four different colours for the worktop, says Rasmus Kjær, development manager at Dansani.

In addition, as part of the mid-range collections Luna, Zaro and Special Collection, Dansani offers a large selection of solid surface worktops and washbasins, both table-tops and seamlessly integrated, with fixed standard measurements.

Rasmus Kjær continues: - In terms of Luna, Zaro and Special Collection, this is standardised series production that does not tailor-make the products in a similar way. On the other hand, this allows us to go for a slightly different solid surface quality that fits the more price-attractive segment which is part of the concept behind these collections.


Check the care instructions

According to Rasmus Kjær, both types of solid surface share the same simple and aesthetic expression; however, customers generally need to be aware that when you buy a solid surface product of a price-friendly quality, it usually requires a bit more care.

- If you have a product of a price-friendly quality, you have to be more careful when it comes to stains, so always read the care instructions in order to avoid disappointments, says Rasmus Kjær, adding:

- Still, all types of solid surface can be sanded with a fine piece of sandpaper and as the worktops have been dyed, the material is very homogeneous. You would not be able to tell if only a small area has been sanded down so you can easily sand down the stained area in case of a misfortunate incident.