Dansani Calidris – An exclusive bathroom in uncompromising Danish design

Dansani Calidris bathroom furniture means sheer quality with no half-measures for your exclusive bathroom. This is the series if you enjoy life and want to indulge yourself with the best natural materials and the essence of Danish craftsmanship and design. The series is designed single-mindedly: to create a complete set of furniture that makes it possible to furnish the room functionally and stylishly, regardless of its shape and size.

The basic module of Dansani Calidris is a 20x20 cm square. On that foundation the series extends in a wide range of elements. The design expression is the same in all the furniture, but the items are available in different depths, widths and heights.

The elegant lines continue in the exclusive basins and worktops, which can easily be adjusted to fit perfectly into your bathroom. The series also includes a large selection of extra cabinets, matching mirrors, and different forms of lighting, which make it fun as well as easy to furnish your exclusive bathroom, whatever its size and shape.

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No more dividing lines

Create cohesion between the bathroom and the bedroom or the bathroom and the hall. With Dansani Calidris tall cabinets in the bedroom, the vanity unit with a mirror solution in your exclusive bathroom and cabinets adapted to the things you do in the hall, there is an exclusive common theme right through your home, in which craftsmanship and design go hand in hand. If you can imagine it, you can do it

Add colour to your bathroom

Dansani Calidris lets you create your own unique expression in your exclusive bathroom, because you can choose precisely the colour you want. Choose between lots of different standard colours from two colour systems, NCS and RAL. You only have to pay one colour set-up fee.

Not only can you have cabinet doors, drawers and cabinets in just the colour you want – you can also have accessories such as steps, mirror frames and shelves. Play with the colours and create your very own expression.

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Cut precisely to your measurements

All basins and worktops can be made to measure for you, and they are available in three different types of material – Silestone, solid surface and glass. They come with one or two basins, or as a plain worktop, where it is also possible to install a table-top basin.

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Calidris Unique basin – in elegant Silestone®

A strikingly beautiful, exclusive and elegant choice for your bathroom. Silestone® looks and feels like natural stone, and 93 % of the material is actually natural quartz. The stone is treated with resin and dyes, thus creating the unique designs that we use for the Unique basins in the Calidris series. Apart from its gorgeous looks, the truly brilliant thing about Silestone® is its qualities: you get a uniquely strong material, which is scratch-proof, resistant to stains and acid, and, not least, hygienic and low-maintenance. A Silestone® basin and worktop will last a lifetime, so it is also a sustainable solution. Unique basins are available in two widths and six different elegant designs.

Eternal Marguina

Blanco Zeus


Desert Silver

Charcoal Soapstone

Eternal Statuario

Good lighting round the clock

Your exclusive bathroom is a place where the lighting should be comfortable, whether you are getting ready for night time or putting on make-up in the morning. With pendant lights, ceiling lights, lighting in mirrors and mirror cabinets, as well as indirect lighting both in cabinets and drawers, you can have the ideal lighting any time of day or night, for everything you do in the bathroom. With our lamps you can create unique cohesion in all the bathroom fittings. All the lamps are IP44 approved for installation in wet rooms.

Day lighting

Evening lighting

Evening lighting dimmed

Night lighting

Mirror solutions

A mirror is not just a mirror. Dansani Calidris mirrors and mirror cabinets are carefully planned, functional solutions in which lighting plays a major part.
Most of our mirror solutions have lighting control from a built in touch switch with an on & off function, dimming and adjustable light temperature from warm golden to cool white. They can also be supplemented with lamps.

Attractive make-up requires proper lighting

“As a make-up artist, I need the best lighting conditions, but unfortunately I often find poor lighting on location, and in hotels and bathrooms. So I hope more people will discover that there is a difference between good and bad lighting. If I am to give my models perfect make-up, it is important that the light in the mirror reproduces daylight exactly, so the make-up looks perfect when they are out in front of the camera.

To avoid shadows and incorrect colour reproduction from poor lighting, I recommend using a mirror with LED lighting from Dansani, which is what I do myself. One of the best things when I am working is that the mirror has touch control and the colour can be regulated as needed.”

Gabriella Tipsa Bruun

Creative storage solutions

Dansani Calidris lets you have even more storage space by making full use of all the walls and corners in your l exclusive bathroom.
“Wasted” space under the window, over the toilet or behind the door can be furnished with cabinets, shelves or other accessories.

Get a handle on it

Handles are your contact with the furniture, and in our fantastic range you will find handles in chrome, inox, brass, black and white. If you prefer a solution without handles, you can choose handle-free cabinets and drawers with a push-open function. You then get an impressively clean-styled look where the craftsmanship and design of the furniture take centre stage.

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Materials from nature

To make Dansani Calidris, genuine oak veneer is used, cut from solid European timber, following the grain along the length of the log, and all edges are veneered over. A characteristic of wooden products is the variation in surface structure and colour. There will therefore be natural differences in the structure and colour of the veneer from panel to panel. Genuine wood veneer is affected by sunlight, and you will therefore see changes in the colour over time.

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Create mood and personality with accessories

Keep the contents of your cabinets and drawers in order with attractive accessories that make it more fun to use your exclusive bathroom and keep it clean and tidy.

The accessories in the Dansani Calidris series create just as much of an impression as the furniture itself. The items are all designed to match each other. Choose the same colour as the furniture, or create an exciting contrast.

More Dansani product series
Besides the superb craftsmanship and design in Dansani Calidris, we supply other series of bathroom furnishings and showers in different price ranges and designs, so we can more or less meet all your needs and wishes.

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Short of inspiration?
We have collected loads of useful tips and ideas about how you can fit out your new exclusive bathroom. See for instance how to manage sloping walls or get the most out of the space in a small room. We also focus on good light to work by in a bathroom, and how to get extra comfort with beautiful accessories. Check out the many possibilities for fitting showers, too.

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Globe and Ellipse basins

Porcelain basins in genuine sanitary porcelain, which is a strong ceramic material with a glaze. When it is fired at about 1,220 degrees, the glaze melts to form a smooth, hard surface that is glossy and easy to clean.

Shape basins and worktops

Solid Surface basins and worktops consisting of a strong acrylic- based composite with a dense, easy-to-clean surface. NB: The thin design requires support from cabinets across the full width. However, the basin or worktop is strong enough for an overhang up to 100 mm without support.

Form basins and worktops

Glass basins and worktops lacquered on the underside. They are made in special crystal clear glass, which is a more neutral colour than ordinary float glass because it contains less iron oxide. The basins are easy to clean and the surface is resistant to normal chemicals. NB: The thin design requires support from cabinets across the full width. However, the basin or worktop is strong enough for an overhang up to 100 mm without support. The basin waste must not be over-tightened. Do NOT use tools for tightening.

Unique basins and worktops

Silestone® consists of more than 90 % natural quartz, and the surface is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Basins are available with bowls in two widths: 50 and 65 cm. The 65 cm basin must be placed on an 80 cm wide vanity unit. NB: The thin design requires support from cabinets across the full width. However, the basin or worktop is strong enough for an overhang up to 100 mm without support.


Veneer: 15 mm veneered MDF board with solid wood edge lists, lacquered with moisture resistant two-component lacquer for a robust, easy-to-clean surface.

Lacquer: 16 mm MDF board in matt white or bespoke colours, lacquered with moisture resistant two-component lacquer for a robust, easy-to-clean surface.

The cabinets are delivered assembled with the cabinet- maker’s tongue and groove technique. The back panel and 3-way adjustable hanging fittings for wall attachment are included.

Additional options: energy-efficient LED lighting in drawers, built-in LED lighting inside cupboards and divider trays.


As standard, all cabinets are supplied with shelf support pegs and 6 mm crystal-clear glass shelves with polished edges that give the shelves a light and attractive look. Not applicable to vanity units.

Doors and fronts

Veneer: 15 mm veneered chipboard with solid wood edge lists, lacquered with moisture resistant two-component lacquer for a robust, easy-to-clean surface. The veneer fronts have gloss levels 3-10.

Lacquer: 16 mm MDF board in matt white or bespoke colours, lacquered with moisture resistant two-component lacquer for a robust, easy-to-clean surface. Sheen level 30 lacquered fronts.

All doors are supplied with stable metal clip hinges with integrated dampers, so that all doors close softly and silently. The hinges are easily adjusted in three directions.

All fronts are designed with a bevelled edge that serves as an integrated invisible handle on doors of tall cabinets, wall cabinets and base cabinets. Handles can be purchased.


The drawers have white, exclusive metal sides and are fully extendable and self-closing with dampers that ensure that the drawers close softly and silently. The drawers are adjustable in three directions and supplied with white, non-slip rubber inlay. Drawers with cut-outs for plumbing have integrated drawer dividers and standard solid oak fittings in the top drawer. Drawer dividers and lids in solid oak can also be bought separately as extra accessories. Additional handles and push-open function can be purchased.

Vanity units

All vanity units are assembled with tongue and groove joints, without tops as standard. They are supplied with a back rail and back panel which allows space for standard fittings and installations. Vanity unit with one drawer delivered as standard with cut-out. 40 cm high vanity unit with two drawers delivered as standard with cut-out in both the top and bottom drawer. 60 cm vanity unit with two drawers delivered as standard with a top drawer with cut-out and a bottom drawer without cut-out. The cut-out ensures space for the water trap and installation. Each vanity unit is supplied with an integrated drawer divider in matt white where there is a cut-out. In addition, two wooden trays and a lid in solid oak and a magnet in the top drawer are included.

Internal drawer in 40 cm high vanity unit with one drawer. Extra trays & lids can be purchased.

Optional accessories: 230V socket in the bottom drawer, energy- efficient LED lighting in both drawers and LED downlight to floor. NB: integrated sensor in the support rail. Wattage 2 – 6W depending on drawer width. Vanity units with lighting are IP44 approved.

Wooden worktops and wooden shelves for consoles

25 mm particle board with 3 mm HDF top layer, over-veneered and with solid wood edging and coated with moisture-resistant, two-component lacquer that gives a robust and easy-to-clean surface. An additional support rail must be purchased where there is an open span of 80 cm or more between the vanity unit and bracket. The support rail is constructed in a polished square stainless profile similar to the console brackets.

Custom-made veneered wooden worktops

Description as in the above section. Maximum length 2,440 mm. Price and delivery time upon receipt of sketch/drawing with measurements.


High-polished stainless steel square profile with matching stainless steel covers.


As standard, the Show mirror comes with an anti-mist pad with a separate switch while the pre-installed anti-mist pad can be purchased for other mirrors, and is controlled on and off with the light. Frames for mirrors in white and black are made in powder-coated aluminium while the brass look is anodised aluminium.
All mirrors come with adjustable fittings for the perfect outcome.
All mirrors are IP44-approved.

Mirror cabinets

All mirror cabinets come with lighting control, an electric socket and a twin USB port. The double-sided mirror doors have adjustable hinges. A round 5X magnifying mirror which can be placed on the inside of the door is included.
Mirror cabinets are made of lacquered MDF or veneer-covered chipboard and come with 6 mm adjustable glass shelves of crystalline glass.
All mirror cabinets are IP44-approved.
Underlights to provide light onto the basin area and interior lights are available as extras for selected mirror cabinets.
Wooden trays for small items are available as extras for mirror cabinets.


Wireless lighting control may be added to mirrors and mirror cabinets so that they can control other mirrors and mirror cabinets with a wireless lighting control device. Plus ceiling lights and pendants with lighting control and a wireless receiver can also be linked. The control is shared so that two mirrors or mirror cabinets can control each other’s lights.
The wireless system is a closed 2.4 GHZ system that does not require Internet access or a router or create interference with other wireless systems.


The Jupiter ceiling light and the Jupiter and Lyra pendants are available in two designs:

  1. 230V system with a set colour temperature of 3,150 Kelvin that can be dimmed by using a trailing edge dimmer at the switch for the room lighting.
  2. 12V system with dimming and colour temperature from 2,100-6,500 Kelvin controlled from the mirror or mirror cabinet. NB: Requires a Dansani wireless receiver built into the ceiling to control up to 5 ceiling lights/ pendants. If more ceiling lights/pendants are required more wireless receivers must be purchased.


Additional lights running the width of the drawer with a set colour temperature of 3,150 Kelvin automatically turn on when the drawer is opened and are angled downwards into the open drawer to avoid dazzling the user. The drawer lights are IP44-approved.


Underlights in vanity units have a built-in motion sensor on which the range and timer for the lights can be set. The light turns on automatically when motion is detected and is the perfect night light.
The sensor comes with a cable with one additional connection so that a side cabinet with underlight can be connected to the same sensor. The sensor can be purchased


Can be downloaded by searching for the relevant product at this website or by requesting a printed copy.


Dansani develops its own LED lighting with low power consumption and very high quality light to reproduce colours correctly (Ra 90-95).
Dansani makes an effort to ensure a long life expectancy by designing lighting products so that drivers and LEDs can dissipate the heat, but it is important to note that the life expectancy is significantly reduced if the light is constantly left on.
All mirrors and mirror cabinets except for the Corona mirror come with 12V incremental lighting control from a very warm light of 2,100 Kelvin to a cool light of 6,500 Kelvin and gradual dimming. The most recent setting is remembered when the light is turned off if it has been off for a min. of 5 seconds


At Dansani your safety is our priority. All the electrical components in our furniture have therefore been pre-fitted to guarantee safe installation. At the same time, we wish to give you an opportunity to maximise the use of the space in your bathroom.
Consequently, we have a wide range of IP44-approved products so you can place your furniture as close as possible to water while retaining all the storage space you need.
All of our furniture with electrical components is also CE-certified with labels showing the product classification. We recommend that you have the installation carried out by an authorised electrician in compliance with current legislation.


Standard in vanity units: Drawer dividers in matt white lacquered aluminium and wooden trays and a lid in solid wood.

Optional extras: Mobile towel rack, shelves and wall rails in matt coloured veneer or bespoke colours. Metal components in stainless steel. Solid oak trays for mirror cabinets, drawers and cabinets. Pull-out trays for tall cabinets in solid oak.


Handles to be bought separately. Choose from Dansani’s wide range Drilling for handles also available at additional cost.


Fittings and installation instructions are included with every delivery.

Wooden products - general

On the fronts, the direction of the veneer follows the length of the units. This means that the direction of the veneer on a door for a tall cabinet is vertical, whereas the direction of the veneer on a drawer front is horizontal. The wooden veneer used is European oak. Wooden products are characterised by variations in structure and colour. This means that natural variance in veneer or colour may occur and these cannot be considered a defect in the product. Genuine wooden veneer reacts to sunlight and colour changes will occur over time.


At Dansani, we vouch for our products. That is the reason why we, beyond the rights the consumer has through legislation, grant further product warranty of our products and give 10 years warranty of our bathroom furniture. On heated towel rails there is a 5 year warranty.

Our products are produced in accordance with existing standards and demands in harmonised industrial standards. Surfaces of wood, porcelain and glass have natural differences in their finish, which is part of the character of the material, and is not considered as product defects, if they keep the current quality and tolerances within Dansani.
The warranty requires that the product is mounted in accordance with the enclosed mounting instruction.

Dansani is not responsible for damages or defects due to incorrect mounting or installation. If the product contrary to expectations has defects, please supply us with documentation before mounting. Installation of water and electric parts must be done by authorised
professionals and be in accordance with existing regulations. The warranty requires that the maintenance instruction has been followed. No replacement will be granted by defects caused by incorrect or insufficient maintenance, reworked furniture or unusual use. Please be aware that the warranty no longer applies and the risk for moisture damages grows, if adjustments of the construction and/or the design are made.

We recommend that the enclosed maintenance instruction is read thoroughly and followed, and you only use the recommended cleaning detergents to ensure that your products are beautiful for many years. The warranty does not include components requiring regular maintenance, and they are thus seen as consumption materials. Common wearing parts such as drivers, hinges, drawer rails, dampeners, overflow rosettes and diverse lists for showers are consumption materials.

The warranty does not cover the costs from third part or articles not delivered by Dansani. Any costs relating to that must be covered by the insurance of the company responsible for the installation or by the consumer’s own insurance.

Before ordering

The Dansani Calidris range is produced to order. The lead-time from receipt of order is usually 6 weeks.

Before installation

Please read the fitting instructions carefully before installation. All plumbing work should be performed by a qualified plumber and all electrical connections should be performed by a qualified electrician. Please note that the dimensions of porcelain basins are subject to variations within the tolerances indicated.


Always read the maintenance instructions which are included with the furniture upon delivery. Always read the instructions for use and the declaration of contents on cleaning materials before using them on the furniture. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials or cleaning materials that contain solvents or acids. Always make sure that basins and units are dry after use. This will make cleaning much easier and you will avoid damage due to moisture.


Dansani reserves the right to product alterations and improvements. With reservations for printing errors. If you want cabinets that are not included in our price list we offer, at a surcharge, to combine variants based on existing components – cabinet sides, drawers and fronts which can be ordered as special article numbers.
Custom-made products and products that have been altered or fitted cannot be returned.

Installation measurements can be found by searching for the specific product. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

Fitting instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific measurements.

If you need to take a look at our fitting videos, you can find them here.

Maintenance instructions can be found by searching for the specific products. This is possible in two ways depending on the detail you have:

  1. Type the article number in the search field at the top of the homepage
  2. Under the menu "Find products" you can filter to the required product

When you have identified the product choose "Read more" and afterwards choose "Installation, mounting and maintenance" and download the specific instructions.