Timeless elegance

The classic qualities of our Danish design tradition shine through every single detail, and together create an elegantly timeless look. The front panels are set inside the sides of the cabinets, highlighting the visual elegance and forming a smart frame around the drawers. The support legs are placed flush with the frame, highlighting it even more. You can reinforce the impression with your own personal colour combination, and choose between smooth or bordered fronts. Cabinets can be fixed on the walls, if you like, to free up space on the floor.

Designed for all dimensions

When the inspiring universe of Dansani YOU folds out, it is equally beautiful in small or large rooms. Make the best possible use of your space with compact elements in the right dimensions, or spread yourself over a lavish interior.

The wide selection of bathroom furniture and accessories gives you free hands to be innovative in your bathroom and get perfect results. According to your needs and floor space, you can stand your furniture on smart support legs or fix it to the walls. Let your imagination run free – Classic is ready to play along with your bright ideas and open up new angles and possibilities.

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"I love classic design, I love yoga, I love good food, I love my garden, I love my home. In fact, I’m old enough to know exactly what I like. And I’m looking for maximum quality in all aspects of my life. The things I buy have to be timeless with regards to both quality and design. Nothing less will do."

Sofia, Classic YOU