Modular minimalism

Clean and strong, perfectly plain. No superfluous details disturbing the unbroken, colour-matched surfaces and stringent lines. The front panels placed on the outside create calm with firm lines and clean surfaces. At the same time, the elegant rounded edges are pleasant to touch. Form is linked to function in this outstanding Danish design, with loving attention to every detail, top quality materials and perfect finish.

Liberating, settled simplicity

Good design consists of equal parts of aesthetic new ideas and innovative user-friendliness. Urban transfers these principles to bathrooms, so that you can enjoy outstanding comfort in beautiful, inspiring surroundings.

At the same time, you have every opportunity to create a new, personal expression through your choice of modules, colours and accessories. The clean surfaces give the room an expression of simplicity and strength.

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"Simplicity has always appealed to me. When I get home, I like to lean back and not worry about unnecessary stuff. That is why quality materials, functional design, clean lines, black, white, and natural warm tones all make sense to me. They allow me to be me.”

Alexander, Urban YOU