Complete your Dansani XXL Shower with a smart shower tray

Find your shower tray here: there are different sizes, so there will be a perfect fit for your sliding door solution. A shower base is highly practical, as it keeps water within a specific area, and saves wiping down the whole bathroom. Then it is particularly suitable if you do not have a tiled floor, for example if you have wooden flooring. The shower base is only 35 mm in height.

Dansani shower bases constructed from a fibre-armed composite material, which is subjected to a pressure of 2,000 tons and temperatures of up to 190 degrees during production. This process ensures a very uniform, strong and stable construction, which is very light in comparison with other solutions. Compared with a shower tray in porcelain or metal, the material is more hard-wearing, easy to clean, and, not least, there is minimal noise while you are showering.

Our shower tray with a front panel is delivered with height-adjustable feet, so it is easily adjusted, depending on what kind of flooring you have.

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Shower base with front panel

If you want the shower tray to be raised above the floor to allow the drain, for example, to be run back across the floor, Dansani offers a kit to facilitate this type of installation. The kit comprises a number of adjustable feet, which are easily ”clicked” on to the base and ensure stable fitting, even on uneven floors. In addition, the kit comprises a front panel in a fibre-reinforced material, height 100 mm, which is fitted with small clips and makes it easy to remove the front when cleaning or checking the installation.

Shower base placed directly on the floor

Placing the shower tray directly on the floor makes extra demands on the drain, the seal with the floor, and in relation to the flooring.

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Besides Dansani XXL we supply other series of bathroom furnishings and showers in different price ranges and designs, so we can probably meet all your needs and wishes.

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If you visit our dealers you can see and feel the function and quality of our shower doors and shower panels and get help with measuring up and installation. In our brochures you will find masses of inspiration for bathrooms and a good bath environment.

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