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Light measuring

See the light measurements for Dansani's large selection of lighting solutions

Light is many things: from clear work light to dimmed and evocative lighting. In order to meet a variety of wants and needs, Dansani develops many different types of fixtures and lamps with different features and design-based functions. The output is shown in the light measurements.

There is no standard procedure for light measurements for bathroom fixtures. That is why Dansani has developed a way of providing further information about light levels and output. This means that we offer detailed information about photometrics for all Dansani products with lighting such as mirrors, mirror cabinets, and integrated lighting in drawers and cabinets. The measurements show the level of light distribution in various zones, e.g. by the washbasin, at eye-level and in the room as a whole.


90061 Framed mirror with 2 lamps (Mido)
90660 Mirror with integrated lighting
90761 Mirror with integrated lighting top
90861 Mirror with integrated lighting
91361 Mirror with integrated lighting
91461 Mirror with integrated lighting
190302626 Mirror with Jupiter lamp

Mirror cabinets

SP-178X-E Luna mirror cabinet 80 cm with circular lights
SP-376X-E Multo mirror cabinet 60 cm integrated light
SP-47617-E Luna mirror cab w top light and mirrored sides
SP-436X-E Multo mirror cabinet 80 cm LED top light
SP-516X-E Mirror cabinet integrated lighting (Mido)
SP-526X-E Mirror cabinet with integrated lighting

Other products

8008XX LED top 80 cm
190302594 Venus lamp on 60 cm mirror
190302626 2 Jupiter lamps mounted on 80 cm mirror cabinet
190302632 Plano lamp 60 cm mounted on 60 cm mirror cabinet
190302632 Plano lamp on 60 cm mirror
190302642 Stratos lamp on 60 cm mirror
190302652 LED top lamp acryl 80 cm
190302791 Mano lamp on 60 cm mirror

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